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621 Helen Keller Blvd
Tuscaloosa, AL
Phone: 205-633-1900

Tuscaloosa Dentist - James S. Kimbrell, DMD                       

Experienced Conservative Dentistry 


 Computer Controlled Anesthesia

Computer controlled anesthesia allows the Dentist to administer the least painful injection for Dental procedures. The old fashioned long needle and bulky syringe are no longer used. Our office has used this form of anesthesia for 17 years which allows the use of the shortest and sharpest needles available. Most patients aren't aware they were given an injection. Ask about this technique!


3Shape Trios Digital Scanning

We now provide state of the art digital scanning which eliminates the need for impression material that the majority of patients dislike. This scan provides more accurate and more detailed impressions without all the gooey mess. It also decreases the time necessary to construct whatever restoration the patient needs and increases the accuracy of the restorations which translates in to superior fit and almost no adjustments.


                              Computer Guided Implant Placement

Don't let missing teeth destroy your confidence and quality of life...

Whether you are looking for a more comfortable and natural alternative to dentures, or you want to increase the stability of your existing dentures, we can help!

Dr. Kimbrell provides both the implant placement and restorative treatment throughout the entire process. This is a more convenient and predictable arrangement, as it eliminates the need to travel to multiple offices and rely on multiple doctors for the final success of the treatment.

Call us today for a consult to see what Implant Dentistry can offer you to meet your desired treatment goal.

Our computer guided implant approach is to begin with the type of appliance

the patient wants when their case is finished and place implants in the most

ideal position to support that appliance.

The process now, is the patient is given an estimate based on the number of

implants that are placed, then its up to the general dentist to provide an appliance

based on that number of implants which may or may not be what the patient wants.




Cancer survivor finally gets some teeth!



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James S. Kimbrell, DMD
621 Helen Keller Blvd
Tuscaloosa, AL 35404
Phone: 205-633-1900