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Implant Makeover

During my 22 years of restoring dental implants, I've seen and done most every type of restoration that can be made to fit on dental implants.  Each type carried it's own advantages and disadvantages.

Bar/ overdenture types were much better than conventional dentures and easy to clean, however, they were not as stable as patients would like.  If the patient exceeded the retention limits when chewing, the overdenture would pop loose.

I've seen bars wear down over time due to the fact they were made of "white gold" and they no longer allowed the clips in the denture to engage and keep the denture stable.

The retentive components in the denture are sometimes the problem whether its the component itself or the way its connected to the denture.

Our office has taken bar/overdenture appliances and converted them to a restoration that screws directly to the implants using the patients existing bar and modifying it to accept the processing of teeth and acrylic around it.  No more retentive clips and worrying if the denture will "pop loose".  No movement what so ever.

The patient ends up with a brand new appliance but the cost is dramatically reduced because we use the patients existing bar as framework for the new screw down denture.

We can contour these to allow the patient to keep the restoration as hygienic as possible.

If you're not satisfied with the dental implant appliance you currently have, Call us for a (free) consultation and let us see what new options are available for you!